Bespoke Custom Design

Collaborate with our creative team to develop a unique
and more complex website that reflects who you are as a brand
and attracts the type of clients you want to work with. 
Schedule a free consultation with us or fill out the form below,
to let us know what your site vision is and how we can help you achieve it.
Our Custom packages start at $9800.

The Process

Whether you are going for a site refresh due to a recent rebrand, or if you require a whole overhaul of your brand positioning due to business extension and scaling, our process in a nutshell follows the steps below. Depending on your custom project size some of the steps might take longer than estimated. 

Initial Consultation & Planning

Design & Feedback

Site Development

Learn & Populate

Update & Launch

Our first steps are to collect information about your business, your current clients, your growth goals and ideal customer profile. We want to get to know you as a person, as well as understand your brand voice, in order to best visualise your brand's future communication and positioning. We will then have an initial call to discuss the visual direction and overall project vision.


We will work on a web style kit based on an approved visual direction and your existing brand assets. We’ll provide mockups of custom pages based on your content & functionality needs, as well as your preferred layouts. You’ll have two set of feedback changes for the custom mock ups of your pages. Usually it takes up to 3 weeks till design pages are approved.


Your new site will be implemented within a theme's framework in 2-3 weeks from the moment the design was approved. You will receive a site preview that you’ll need to review for any feedback, so our team can further polish your new site's desktop and mobile version and prepare it for launch.


Our team will provide you with a video tutorial explaining your new site's dashboard, so you can easily start populating your new site and preparing it for launch. You will be able to schedule calls with our team to ask any questions related to the maintenance of the site moving forward.


Once all is approved we will schedule a launch date and ensure a smooth site deployment, making sure your URL mappings and SEO structure is transferred through. After that, it’s time to celebrate and share your beautiful new site with the world!

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